Our Commitment

Environment: Environmental stewardship is very important to us. In harvesting our timber, we work in conjunction with the forest service to prevent forest fires, promote new growth and maintain healthy forests in order to help other Colorado industries that rely on beautiful mountain terrain like hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing. We heat our entire facility using recycled engine oil and we power our facility with one of the largest privately owned solar arrays in the nation. All of our scrap wood is donated to local schools for wood projects, donated as firewood, or mulched and combined with our sawdust for soil composition. We have a state of the art closed loop dust collection system that protects the environment and our employees’ health.

Employees: No other accomplishment can compare to meeting the highest safety control standards in the industry, because our most important commitment is to the highly dedicated and motivated artisans that work here. Our success with our staff stems from the same philosophy that has led to our success with our customers: respond to employee expectation. We not only regularly meet with staff members to find out what inspires them and how we can improve their employment, but we take seriously our charge to respond to those requests. We offer an apprenticeship program and leadership training for those who wish to make this their career and college scholarships for those wanting to develop other capacities. Past employees have graduated college here on Rustic Log Furniture scholarships and have gone on to become doctors, dentists, pharmacists, bankers, managers and found their own successful businesses. We are proud of their successes and truly wish them the best; because we believe it is a shame that anyone would work simply for a paycheck and not to pursue a dream.