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At least thats how I felt. Doesnt it sound wonderful and such a lovely compliment to oneself. At least one of them is an actor not an art specialist. Just to update too. Without a contract, staff debt is a non-criminal matter. Thank you. Shame on them for preying on emerging artists! I did submit a few pics of my work & paid the $49.99.but thats as far as I got. This all pisses people off! Please share this information widely. Each time an artist has asked a person with positive feedback for a link to their page on EAP they have not supplied. They were very quick to take my money. My only mistake was not unwrapping the work there and checking it, I did not expect them to damage work the way they did, given that they are supposed curators. Horrendous company. I wish you all the best with your career, Your threats dont concern me Ricky, because if you really take a step back and look at the answers I provided you with at day 4 of being live on the site I think many people would see that your negativity has been influenced by someone elses review (I note you keep referring to this article, which I have answered) but again I am not obligated to give you my opinion. Thanks for letting us know. Established in 2018, we have an immense network of art enthusiasts where we share art work, network with art collectors and organize a series of art events all over the world. I wonder how she sleeps at night knowing that her entire existence is about how she can con you out of money and then verbally beat you up when you decide you have had enough. I feel like they have some real artists for sure but when it comes to new one who are abroad, they behave weirdly ! Pros Great work enviroment Cons Shut downs Was this review helpful? Online Art Gallery showcasing Modern, Abstract & Contemporary Art Shes very bitter and twisted and has been on a rampage for some time now. @blackstockpaint DOT DOT DOT #dots #artprocess #artvideo #westcoastart #carseatheadrest #landscapeart #oceanart #bc #vancouver #losangelesart #artskillplace #fluidart_daily #hollywowod #westhollywoodart #viralart #explorepage #doesartwork #artoftheday #artiststowatch #artgallery #viralreel #howtopaint # . We trust you will make smart and intelligent choices. International artists report not being paid for work sold, and buyers not receiving work. Ive been posting on Instagram for a few months now. They started out really nice, messaging me on instagram, as soon as I paid the 30 pounds communication went downhill. A Vanity Gallery is to Art what Vanity Publishing is to Books. I have been waiting for 1 month, I dont know what to say to my client. Giu 1, 2022. deutsches kaiserreich regierungschef. A few of us have suffered similarly. In Instagram the lady that wrote to me is quite active, but unfortunately they promote other artist. In the meantime I found this page here unfortunately a bit too late for me. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); If youre approached by Gallerist Marco Antonio Patrizio Run! I had a video call with one of the girls and spoke to another and they were really helpful. What you need to do is either close your account with the bank and go to another bank OR open a new account and get a brand new card to that account and close the previous account and cancel the card connected to that account. They dodge court orders by regularly moving from rented accommodation and never providing home addresses for mail, making it impossible for bailiffs or law enforcement officials to find them. unfortunately that turned out to be untrue. Unfortunately for this reason, you cannot get a refund of 29.99. My advice is to stay away this whole thing. The EAP and the organization behind it (The Hansford and Sons fine Art) is not something they are telling it to be. i have written to a few artists on instagram myself no one has sold a picture here either and everyone complains the same , Id like to add, that the logo doesnt look too professional either (just my two cents). There are many things going on this world and negativity and your attempts to try and discredit hard work that you dont even know if is good or not puts you in a really bitter light. is plogix gallery legit Author: Published on: toyota land cruiser hzj 73 technische daten June 1, 2022 Published in: nymphensittich hat gleichgewichtsstrungen Please keep sharing and contacting artists. There is no Hanson & Sons art gallery or expertise, only a virtual office in London and phones that are dodgy/not answered. They really werent interested in our art but our money. This has to be reported!! If you are as high as it gets and I cannot get any further assistance within the company then I simply want my refund. How would you know if our service is poor and unprofessional if you havent even had it yet? Plogix Gallery . We think we do so well but most of us, emerging artists, are just learning and need a lot of practice before we become good at what we try to do. Can more be done to stop this. Plogix artists are chosen by renowned modern artists and collectors who really admire top level work. There is NO gallery in Great Portland Street. Not only are the reviews written on this platform but some others too. I am based in Sweden and have never had any issues with them. All the best. Wait for the end result! I know this because of some of the messages I received. Thank you for taking the time to write and leave this message. Based on the stories written on this platform I personally draw the line here. Lauren contacted me at the beginning. I paid the money and from then on I couldnt reach anyone. I also tried to contact the company through other emails. Seems like a scam to me. How a Vanity Gallery makes its money: I was simply fooled by this company. My recent experience with this platform has been completelly awful. We have created your page, I have answered your questions this isnt the greatest foot to get started on really is it? I recently sold a painting and a month later the website said it was still available. In response, my art promptly went online. Ugh . Shame on the EAP! I wanted EAP to see that their plan is not working and that more and more people are complaining. I have had the same experience. Normal people would apologize and try to do better next time. With the rising awareness of device security, people attach great importance to personal data.,,,, You might get a space in their gallery in the Middle of Nowhere or a rolling exhibition though. According to SiteAdvisor, is safe to visit. I believe this was all to hide the fact that the work had been damaged as I decided to leave the work there, since there was a buyer and then I could not pick up the work straight away due to other commitments. Ive heard the previous gallery owner was shady in his own right! Its also sketch how sooo many people are getting offers from them. I can only agree with the previous speakers. Dealing with disputing their charges right now! Have you sold any of your paintings, Karina? Your subscription will be cancelled with immediate effect. You will have access to the other artists via our member portal where we will also provide you with credentials so you can discuss and collaborate with each other through a number of different channels. I also reacted to that the INstagram account @missartcurator suddenly changed name from Abi to Jazz and so I tested it and sent to Abi and Abi responded on the account now having Jazzs name on it. I was scammed by EAP too. I personally do not write my experiences in here for any hateful reason. I have contacted the police who have informed me that they have had many issues with this organisation. Their professionalism is terrible, I doubt they are even a real business, it all just seems like a MASSIVE SCAM to be. Jazz is awful. I paid 50 pounds and did not recevie any kind of confirmation that I had paid. It would be wise for the staff to learn from the feed back rather than fight and rage about it. Have you noticed that Hansford and Sons Instagram account has disappeared? Im so glad I found an area where other people have the same issue and that Im not alone. Twitter. I can only assume the rent is covered by the money weve spent signing up??? If the whole thing isnt a scam they apparently are not professionals at all. Seriously ?? It is obvious that the EAP isnt taking seriously the feedback they have been given and dont give a damn about their concerned customers. Someone should look into the team that has been introduced on The Hansford and Sons Fine Art website. ATTENTION: I am very sure that the above post from EAP resisted because you have known this page since that day !!!!! I know this all because I happen to know both of these buyers personally. Sounds like the previous gallery owner was a scammer. Statement for us to circulate to warn artists: Artists, have you been approached by the #emergingartistplatform run by #Hansford&Sons? I dont really understand why you continue to be rude. The young girls keep changing. fixing that was a joke too but it eventually was fixed. SCAM of a company! And I cant believe it but Ive sold a piece of work even though Ive only been live for less than 2 weeks. The more of us that call, hopefully something will be done! In the meantime I found this page here unfortunately a bit too late for me. Ok Jaz. everything that is written about the artists on the homepage is created by the artists and not the employees of EAP. Maybe we could start some type of petition to put an end to them? You keep asking who we are but who are you and how do we know youre not one person writing all these bad comments? See here for more: I worked there. She s using fake Picture on instagram with an account named Lopard ?? Thank you for sharing your experiences. I also confronted EAP with the link to that page. I dont know why. She promote me once and I didnt really get enough audience. I havent gotten involved yet, but I know they are interested in wanting me to do something as theyre gonna get back to me any time soon. Your attitude is very anti and to be honest Im sensing that it will be very hard to work with you! Im in the process of getting my page created, there was just one correction that the curator is fixing for me and I should go live tomorrow. Karma is going to get this woman! So disgusting! We need to keep reporting them. . However it tells a lot about this person and her anger management issues. Super fast download and conversion speed. The . Another artist who uses tour platform was telling me about the poor service they received and forwarded me this link I would be interested to hear what you guys have to say about the comments there. I can only agree with the previous comments. The people who I have been communicated with (at the EAP) are either playing it or have absolutely no idea what they are doing. Very disturbing to read such conversation. The gallery is rented. She actually told me she was going to refund my money but of course they never did. 100% Safe and Clean. You didnt sell a painting or you didnt get the exposure that they talk about? task manager startup program teams installer. Take care you all. It is only natural that people write their experience and reviews online. Has anyone ACTUALLY recieved payment for paintings that were sold?????????????? Their capital really is only 1 British pound! Thanks! Its not right. FAKE FAKE FAKE. Although I cancelled my subscription last year, they again (illegally) pulled the yearly payment via the credit card. 62 Likes, TikTok video from Plogix Gallery (@plogixgallery): "Amazing work by PLOGIX Gallery Artist Lucie S. #plogixgallery #plogixartist #plogixgalleryart #abstractartist #artprocess #artprocessvideo #oddlysatisfying #hollywood #hollywoodarts #hollywoodartist". Jazz and Lucien create fake digital personas to scam social media users into signing up for a direct debit to their service and in return, users are given nothing for their money. I hope they rot in hell for what they are doing. receives approximately 676 unique visitors each day. Lauren is a fake. I have now reported EAP as well to the police. The abusive, threatening and menacing voice messages she left meshes mentally unwell, to my mind, a criminal, and needs to be stopped. I have been dealing with my bank , however it seems we all need a lawyers opinion. To my dismay, I get home and unwrap the print and it had scratches and dry splotches of some substance. Her team are two very young girls with fake profile pic ; they put blond californian girl pic to be more attractive !! Does anyone have experience of the UK based Emerging Artist Platform sponsored by Hansford & Sons Fine Art? They were so nice and happy at first, getting all my info and sucking up. this is a homepage for people who want to find out more about galleries in advance. Fast and flexible. Jazz Jade needs to be dealt with by the relevant legal authorities. I only went for the Basic package but hoping to upgrade to Premium next time. Ive not been in contact with anyone names Jazz, Ive been dealing with Lauren who seemed to disappear when I asked for a refund. I have an exhibition lined up with them in a couple months too and I have never had a problem with them? Because EAP Is One Big Scam!,, INCLUDING MYSELF. andIve told you the procedure, if you dont want to do it darling you wont even be considered for a refund.. Think Im just going to report them to the fraud team. The downloaded file is safe and does not contain viruses. Therefore we do not need to tell you this because it is not relevant information. I think too that this company is worth investigating for. Thats what tipped me off that something seemed shady. I would have just let it go if it wasnt for all these other accounts. When I told them al of this I had no answer. We were fooled! the company didnt do anything for me. The art galleries Facebook page has been bombarded with negative reviews over the last few days. I sold some of my works by myself but felt not good about it. This has taken around 6 weeks to get my page set up and quite a few of my questions to Kelley have gone unanswered spin am hoping you can help. I still feel as if questions are unanswered how long were you on the platform? I have made great things happen for many artists and Im so Jolly because despite your claims I will continue to do so! No wonder why so many artists are so pissed off. Surely this is enough evidence to take them down? Seriously ?? EAPs service just does not work. Probably best to take it up with your legal advisor so that they can set you straight. A little slow with communication sometimes but I put this down to Covid-19. I will make sure to include in my posts that your company is well aware that I was bullied growing up and have mental illness (depression) this is all in my bio. ps. They are basically making fun of the people who have been concerned FOR REASON for losing their money and not receiving what has been promised. The delay has been a month now. I cannot understand how can they do that to our work, is not fair I am really upset. Ico Gallery: Another New York City venue with a mixed reputation, Ico Gallery offers the same "deal" as the other pay to play places. I signed up last month after being approached by a young girl called Lauren, great and chatty. I was sceptical and booked a call but after speaking to them face to face it really helped- maybe try this for more help? Like someone said in this platform earlier it is most likely that just one or two people running this whole thing with multiple fake ids and made up story about having this well organized team of ART FINANCE MANAGER, MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER, HEAD OF MIDDLE EASTERN MARKETS etc. 3) we will let you know when your page will be featured, 4) this is all explained to you when you had your initial email. The Hansford and sons (company) has been found just a year ago or so. Reply to this message if you want to send me your personal experiences so I can use them as evidence. It isnt a scam? Wish Id found this link first. She made a number of wild accusations as well as the usual bullying and threatening. Yes. UK Govt. No sales or anything. Same here! After one year, you wont be able to cancel the plan and the bank will keep charging you! Ive also heard they scammed the previous gallery that had the property before. It appears to be a scam. Re post. Their Instagram account is now set on Private, though I unfollowed them weeks ago and removed all links to the site from my social media and website. (Courtesy of Mike Van . First of all I never cancelled anything. Someone in the UK should report this company to the police. Deeksha and someone else were based in India. only jazz jade has been holding her face in the Instagram camera since today probably as a reaction to this chat here. But what could the petition be about I wonder? Ive also spoken to them face to face how is this going to help you when they sell your work and you dont get paid? I told them first i would be happy to join the platform and since then, they literally harass me by e-mail and on instagram !! She took them very seriously and we had a professional chat about it. They just take the money and leave it there. A genuine artist who had good feedback to provide would have nothing to hide, Does anyone have any further advice on how we can take this further I feel enough of us have been scammed and it would be great for them to deal with the consequences of treating artists like this, Do you have an Instagram page that you would be happy to share, What your insta name, it would be nice to see everyones like you say so we know whats real and what isnt. As a conclusion I am not sure what is it with this whole company. Keep the comments coming Jazz or who ever she/he is, is making things up and taking actions that are, at least to me, very suspicious. so I was scammed by them too. Do you by any chance have any suggestions of what I can do to make this more public? Even when just asking them to put more artworks on there. only one person is active as an actor on twitter. Their FB page has vanished. has an estimated worth of US$ 11,113, based on its estimated Ads revenue. Please do elaborate. I also didnt look for negatives someone willingly sent me that link si of course I would ask your opinion as you are a representative of the company. Also check out EAP staff.their Art Consultant, Matt Lautman is actually a wanna be actor ( check it out @matthewlautman1 on Instagram) . I only know it had been sold because the person who purchased it contacted me curious as to why it had not been received. Ill make sure I let all of our clients, investors and galleries know that its best to stay clear of yourself because your problematic. Seen it? Jazz and lucien are the worst people. I have asked many questions which simply were never answered. I hope the EAP will get what they deserve. I was contacted by someone who wasnt paid for work sold. As the artist I feel extremely horrible. LOL. Off the back of someone elses information? Please see, I feel very excited to be a part of the Emerging Artist Platform. I wish I had read all the comments here before I registered with them. It seems there are many many artists that are unsatisfied with the service or the lack of it. I agree with the previous comment of bombarding their pages. 51d 10h 13m. Total scammers. I have made a sale, and of course never received the money. The gallery being legit, though completely unprofessional, is the front of the business, everything else is dodgy, especially Jazz Jade. I explained untill I received confirmation of payment i wont be giving her my work or anything about me. I was cheated of my money too. 2. they have attacked verbally over artists by blaming them to be liars, twisted etc. The owners are called Jazz and Lucian. It was very easy to do via the online reporting system. I did manage to send my work but I am still waiting for my page to be updated!! I was sceptical at first but booked a video call with them and they were great. I wish people would see through all the lies they put up on their social mediawhat an amateur bunch trying to steal peoples money. We changed a credit card last year, reported the scam to the bank, and still got charged! If you know a lawyer, solicitor, celebrity, MP, anyone of influence who can stop these criminals and make them pay up for the amount of money they owe artists, ex staff and everyone else who has come in contact with them, PLEASE REACH OUT TO THEM and ask for help. Secondly The EAP ignored the messages that my collectors send to the EAP when they asked after their paintings they had purchased over a month ago. More young girls. Thank you so much for your help. I too received abusive text messages. Read through this chain and you will see you have been very rude and defensive when I have simply asked questions and supplied an article which was sent to me asking your opinion. You need to contact Thames Valley Ppoce in the UK and ActionFraud and all the relelvant bodies that can help. And tried to sell a lease (that wasnt his to sell) for 30k! For an upfront fee, artists are given space to display their work. Interesting. The owners are Awful AWFUL nasty people they deserve everything thats coming to them. Different opportunities arise at different times, it all really depends, this makes the when side of it hard to confirm, The questions you are asking cannot be answered head on because there are many different opportunities and chances of features and exhibitions. this is the way to make it public, share this whole thread far and wide sound blasterx g6 warzone settings,

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